本全球隐私政策(“CQ9电子隐私政策”)描述了我们与您的个人信息相关的做法,旨在描述CQ9电子如何确保正确使用和保护数据. You will find in this policy information about :

-    The types of personal information we collect
-    The purposes for which we collect that personal data
-    The parties with whom we may share this personal data
-    The measures we take to protect your data

本隐私政策适用于CQ9电子公司集团(统称“CQ9电子”)的所有网站,并适用于CQ9电子实体收集和保留数据的所有情况. By accessing any of the CQ9电子 websites, you accept the CQ9电子 Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the CQ9电子 Privacy Policy, please do not proceed further on any of the CQ9电子 websites. This CQ9电子 Privacy Policy has precedence over any and all former privacy policies. 
Our privacy practices may vary among the countries in which we operate to reflect local practices and legal requirements. For further details about our local practices, please refer to the privacy pages of our locally-operated websites. 
我们已经尝试保持首席技术隐私政策尽可能简单,以保持其可理解和可访问. If you are unfamiliar with terms that we use, 比如“饼干”, “IP地址”和“浏览器”, 或者如果您对CQ9电子的隐私惯例或CQ9电子隐私政策的内容有任何疑问, 不要犹豫与我们联系吗. Your privacy matters to CQ9电子 and we invite you to take the time to get to know our practices.
2. CQ9电子和个人数据
CQ9电子 is not in the business of personal data; therefore, CQ9电子 will not analyse or process your data beyond what is necessary to offer you high quality 服务 and products. This means that we do NOT use your data to monitor or profile you beyond what is necessary for our activities.

3. 我们收集的数据
当您购买我们的产品和服务时,我们可能会要求您提供一些数据,当您使用我们的网站时,我们会自动收集一些数据. 在本质上, we will collect and store data as necessary to provide our products and 服务 to you or as legally required to do so. 在所有情况下, the collection of your data and the use of technological processes to do so, 当可适用, 是为了让我们更好地为您服务,并帮助我们管理和改进我们网站的可用性,以及您作为CQ9电子客户和/或我们网站用户的体验.
在任何时候, you may elect not to provide some or all of the data requested and we respect that fully. 然而, doing so might mean that we will not be able to provide you with the requested websites access, 服务 and/or products at their full capacity, 或者根本没有.
最后, 请注意,我们从不要求在我们的网站上提供任何敏感的个人资料,例如与种族或民族有关的信息, 政治观点, 宗教或其他信仰, 健康, 等. since this is not relevant to our business relationship. Similarly, we do not require any data regarding children. 

大部分的服务, 包括网站访问, and products that we offer require that we collect only a limited amount of data. 在这种情况下, we will require that you provide us with your name, a way to contact you (such as a phone number or an email address) and, 当可适用, 必要的付款细节和邮政地址或其他形式的地理位置数据,用于交付产品或履行服务.
If you subscribe to any of our newsletters or request to receive marketing documents and data on our products and 服务, 我们需要你的名字, an email address and details on your interests in order for us to provide you with the relevant information. 如果您在“线下”活动(如贸易展览)或通过电话与我们联系时询问有关我们产品和服务的更多信息,也需要提供相同的数据.
If you are an actual or a potential business partner, we will collect basic contact data on the persons in contact with us such as their names, 职位名称和联系方式. 
If you apply for a position at CQ9电子, we will collect the data that you provide us through our websites or otherwise, such as your resume and application forms that you may fill. 
通过我们的网站, we collect basic data typically collected through websites, such as data regarding your browser and device, 您的IP地址, information collected through cookies and, if your device has location functions enabled, you may be sending us location data. Like most companies, we use cookies on our websites. 在某些情况下, 我们可能会使用第三方网络分析服务(如Google analytics),这些服务也可能使用cookie和类似技术来收集数据(如IP地址),以评估网站及其功能的使用和互动情况.
Our web analytics service provider, Google Analytics (Google Inc.,1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) uses cookies. The information generated by the cookie about the use of the CQ9电子 websites, 当可适用, is usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. 谷歌承诺尊重适用的隐私法规,谷歌已在美国商务部的隐私保护计划中注册.

Cookies are small text files stored locally in the cache of the website visitor's Internet browser. They serve to make our websites more user-friendly, effective and secure and to measure the use of our websites. You can specify the acceptable settings for cookies yourself in your browser. For more details please consult our Cookies policy.

3.2 The data we receive from other sources 
We may receive your data from our partners when you purchase our products or 服务 from these partners, 特别是当CQ9电子负责向您提供服务或向您交付产品或实施与产品相关的保修时. 在这些情况下, our partners will provide us with your name, 与您联系的方式(如电话号码或电子邮件地址)以及交付产品或提供服务所需的信息, such as a postal address or another form of geolocation data.
我们也可能从公开的数据库中收到您的数据,如果您申请了CQ9电子的职位,并且该职位证明了您的要求, we may also collect publicly available data, such as data you make available on social media platforms. 
另外, if you elect to interact or connect with us through social media, certain public data from your social media account might be shared with us.

4. 数据的使用
We use your data in order to provide you with our products and 服务 in the most efficient manner. 

More specifically, we may use your data:
O与您沟通, notably to respond to your requests and inquiries and to tailor such communication to your situation; 
o    to provide customer support and to contact you in relation with the products and 服务 that you purchase, notably for safety and maintenance reasons;
o    to process and perform your order, including delivery and on-site performance of 服务, and to communicate the status of the order;
O创造, administer and communicate with you about your account (including the 事件 log for your products);
o    to keep you informed about our products, 服务, 事件, promotions and marketing communications;
o    to provide you access to online 服务 and functionalities;
o    to evaluate your job applications and to progress in and possibly to complete the hiring process;
一般操作, 评估和改进我们的业务, 比如开发新产品, 服务 and processes or improving the current ones, performing market research and optimising our marketing and reach out practices and managing our websites;
o    to protect our customers and our activities against risks and illicit acts, notably by verifying your identity when required for security purposes;
o    to comply with applicable laws, requirements, standards and policies.
We may also use your data for additional purposes, which we will disclose at the time of collection.
CQ9电子处理您的数据的法律依据通常是我们有合法的商业利益这样做.. In other instances, the legal basis for processing your data will be one of the following:

-    performance of a contract with you or a relevant party;
-    having obtained your consent (in which case you can withdraw it at any time); or
-    compliance with our legal obligations.

当可适用, 在提交您的数据或请求从我们的某项服务中受益的过程中,我们将征得您的同意. 例如, 我们将征求您的同意,以收集您的数据,作为注册我们的时事通讯的过程的一部分,其方式与您访问CQ9电子网站的方式相同.

5. How we share and transfer your data

大多数时候, your data will not be shared with entities outside of the CQ9电子 group of Companies. 
在某些情况下, we cannot avoid sharing your data with other entities, for example if you require 服务 that CQ9电子 does not provide directly, but rather through business partners. 在这种情况下, 与我们共享您的部分数据的实体仅被要求使用或披露您的数据以履行我们要求他们提供的服务.

When necessary, your data may be shared with:
o    the entities of the CQ9电子 group of companies; 
o    service providers that we use to perform 服务 on our behalf;
o    authorities and other public entities in accordance with legal requirements.
In the selection of our service providers, especially those that provide digital solutions that might process your personal data, we pay close attention to their level of compliance with privacy laws and their respect of privacy principles.
CQ9电子 is active in many countries and is headquartered in Canada. 从而 and even though we seek to concentrate the processing of data in each local entity that requires the data, your data may be transferred to other entities of the CQ9电子 group of companies. The European Commission approves the transfer of data to Canada since it deems that Canadian privacy laws are adequate.
CQ9电子’s global activities may result in the transfer of data to a country which may have different data protection laws. 当这种情况发生时, we take measures to protect that information, 特别是通过让我们所有的子公司遵守CQ9电子隐私政策,并仅为相关的商业目的传输数据.
6. Your control over your data and your choices regarding the processing of your data
An important part of our philosophy regarding privacy is to ensure that you are comfortable with what happens with your data. 从而, we invite you to contact us if you have any question or if you want to access your data, 纠正它或, 在某些情况下, delete it and if you want to chose how we can use your data, for example by managing the parameters regarding how we communicate with you. We will do our best to comply with your request promptly.
另外, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your competent supervisory authority.
7. 保留您的数据
We retain your data for the duration required in order to fulfil the purpose for which the data was collected. 这通常意味着,只要我们与您保持持续的关系,以及在适用法律要求的一段时间内,数据将被保留.  If you are not yet a customer of ours but are considering becoming one, 如果这种商业关系不能实现,我们收集的数据将在合理的延迟内销毁.

8. 保护您的数据
就像它所有的活动一样, CQ9电子使用先进的技术和解决方案来处理您的数据,以确保其保护和完整性. We are partnering with some of the best service providers in the world and we rely on experts to operate safeguards, 数字和物理.
尽管如此, 在互联网上传输数据时,即使最好的安全措施也无法防范所有风险,安全漏洞可能仍然存在. 完全保护资料不被第三者查阅是不可能的,我们请您在互联网上传送资料时始终小心谨慎.
9. Updates to the CQ9电子 Privacy Policy
我们可能会不时更新优品隐私政策,以使其适应我们活动和/或适用法规的变化. The updates will be reflected on this page and, if the changes from an update are significant, we will provide you with a more prominent notice in this regard.

10. 我们无法控制的部分...
Since our products are sometimes sold via a network of suppliers and partners, please note that these suppliers and partners will have their own privacy policies and practices.  While we are meticulous in the selection of our suppliers and partners, we cannot accept any responsibility for their privacy policies and practices. 从而, we invite you to check their privacy policies before you submit any data to these entities. The same applies to links we may provide to websites that are not websites of CQ9电子.
CQ9电子还可能包括可从CQ9电子网站观看的YouTube视频,或在CQ9电子的YouTube频道上提供视频. 在这种情况下, YouTube可能会收集您的数据,我们邀请您在使用其服务或向YouTube提交任何数据之前查看其隐私政策. YouTube是谷歌公司的一项服务., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Your information collected by YouTube may be transmitted to and stored on a Google server in the United States.

11. 如何联络我们
If you have a concern or a question on the CQ9电子 Privacy Policy, if you want to access your data or if you want to manage your parameters, please contact our Privacy team by writing at:

Compliance and Data Protection Director
1、Avenue Premier
Riviere-du-Loup, QC,
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