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Accounting, finance and administration

Helping drive growth 

When you bring your expertise to help sounding accounting and investment project management at Premier Tech, accuracy and thoroughness are the watchwords. That means being committed to excellence as you support various teams with their projects. And because our success has been driven by profitable growth for nearly 100 years, our administrative teams are key to the business decisions we make here at Premier Tech. 

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You will grow your career

We help our teams reach their ambitions and support them in their pursuit of knowledge. Driven by a strong intrapreneurial spirit, team members are always able to keep the pace and grow alongside the company.  

Premier Tech annual report

You will be part of an international company

We apply best business management practices with an international perspective. With such rigour, discipline, and transparent relations with team members and partners, we are committed to publishing the Premier Tech Report yearly. 

Team member presenting financial data

You will have a clear vision of where the business is going

At Premier Tech, we put a lot of thought into establishing priorities that will shape our future, while keeping an eye on the long term. Our vision — and that of our clients — informs every decision we make: creating a space that provides security for team members and infinite possibilities for people with vision.

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You will hone your mergers and acquisitions skills

Premier Tech’s growth strategy is fuelled by disciplined acquisitions. Over the past decade, each acquisition has allowed our teams to incorporate new technological platforms and distinctive brands that have helped drive our market growth. All thanks to our dedicated team of in-house experts. 

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