Premier Tech athletes

Premier Tech athletes

Driven by the passion for sports

决心通过日复一日地投入时间和精力来超越他们的运动, the Premier Tech athletes share our passion for what we accomplish. 

这种激情激励着我们挑战极限,使我们的伙伴关系如此强大和独特. We are proud to make a difference for these athletes, as well as for our customers and partners, by helping them win. 

Get to know the Premier Tech athletes

Premier Tech athletes

Britanie Cauchon, cyclist

圣亚历山大-德-卡穆拉斯卡运动员是Espoirs Premier Tech自行车俱乐部的一员. She stands out in time trial events. 

Premier Tech’s support is very important in my cycling career. 感谢他们的支持,我有了一些很好的机会,比如见到了 Israel—Premier Tech cycling team.

Quebec ChampionshipsIn 2020, at 16 years old, Britanie是参加qusamubec公路自行车锦标赛的最年轻的自行车手之一. She reaches the podium twice, ahead of more experienced runners.  

Sport-études scholarship 虽然2021年是由于严重受伤而艰难的一年,但她从未停止推动自己. rivi -du- loup学院社会科学专业的学生运动员因其优异的学习成绩获得了体育学院的奖学金.

A promising futureBack on her bike since the spring of 2022, 布列塔尼比以往任何时候都更有决心达到她运动的最高顶峰.

Emmanuelle Moreau, cross-country skier

这位saint - ferr -les- neiges运动员在10岁左右加入了圣安妮山的北欧俱乐部. She stands out in free skating events, also called skate skiing. 


The World Junior Championships in her sights2019年,12岁的艾曼纽(Emmanuelle)在她的第一次quemux du quamebec比赛中获得金牌. 第二年,她参加了滑雪培训项目,这使她能够更多地专注于自己的运动. In 2022, she won two gold metals in the Eastern Canadian Championships. She now aspires to be selected for the World Junior Championships.

A family passionHer older brother, cross-country skier Félix-Olivier Moreau, is also part of the Premier Tech athletes and, her younger brother, Zachari Moreau, is a member of the Premier Tech Espoirs cycling team.

Premier Tech athletes
Premier Tech athletes

Félix-Olivier Moreau, cross-country skier 

这名来自saint - fsamrsamol -les- neiges的运动员在Pierre Harvey国家训练中心练习越野滑雪. He stands out in 10k classic style events. 

我相信,Premier Tech的支持将帮助我充分发挥我的潜力. 我很荣幸能得到一家从事高水平体育运动的quamezbec国际公司的认可.

The Jeux du QuébecWhen he enters high school, Félix-Olivier joins the ski-études program, allowing him to compete at a regional level. In 2018, when he is just 16, he becomes the most decorated athlete ever at the Jeux du Québec, with 22 medals in cross-country skiing and cycling. 

The Olympic dreamSelected twice for the World Championships (2021 and 2022), 他现在希望成为2026年科尔蒂纳加拿大奥运代表队的一员, Italy.

A family passionHis sister, cross-country skier Emmanuelle Moreau, is also a Premier Tech athlete and his brother, Zachari Moreau, is part of the Premier Tech Espoirs cycling team.

Benjamin Ouellet, para athletics

圣帕斯卡-德-卡穆拉斯卡运动员在拉瓦尔大学体育俱乐部(CAUL)训练。. His specialty is the 1 500 m. 

If athletics is often considered an individual sport, it is a team effort for Benjamin because he competes with a guide. 团队合作是他成功的重要组成部分,他“很自豪能与一家拥有同样价值观的公司合作”.” 

Holder of several recordsHe joins the Rivière-du-Loup Filoup athletics club at the age of twelve, 让他在十多年的时间里充分发挥了他在这个领域的潜力. He holds many Québec records and, in 2018, 他被认为是世界上19岁以下年龄组中最好的盲人运动员.  

The Paralympic Games in his sightsConvinced that the best years of his career are ahead of him, 本杰明的目标是参加2028年洛杉矶残奥会.

Premier Tech athletes
Charles Philibert-Thiboutot running

Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, athletics

The Québec City athlete is a member of the national athletics team. His specialty is the 1 500 m.

At a time when injuries were keeping me from training and competing, Premier Tech的支持确实挽救了我的职业生涯,让我专注于康复和长期目标. Since then, 我回到了我职业生涯的最佳状态,而Premier Tech的帮助使我能够专注于追求奥运奖牌的真正必要之处.

The Rouge et Or years他在拉瓦尔大学的管理和公共关系研究期间, Charles joins the Rouge et Or track and field and cross-country team. 他连续两年被评为年度最佳运动员——包括所有项目. 

The Olympic dreamIn 2016, he takes part in the 1500m semifinals at the Rio Olympic Games. In 2022, 10个月后,他以2秒之差错过了参加东京奥运会的奥运会标准, he sets a new Canadian 5 km record at the Boston Marathon. 查尔斯对余下的职业生涯充满信心,他的目标是提高自己的世界排名 500 m and 5 000 m.

Raphaëlle Tremblay, swimmer

这位顶尖的科技运动员和团队成员在7岁时就开始参加Les Loups-Marins俱乐部的比赛. Her specialty is the 200m medley.  

我很荣幸能在我的运动实践中得到Premier Tech的支持. Being from Rivière-du-Loup, I’ve known this company since I was little. 我记得小时候和父母一起庆祝Premier Tech成立90周年, both team members at the time.

A family passion Raphaëlle和她的几个家庭成员分享了她对游泳的热情. 她的叔叔保罗·奈斯比曾两次代表英国参加奥运会. At only 14, it’s Raphaëlle’s turn to qualify for the Olympic tryouts.  

Regional records在2022年的省ARENA锦标赛上,这位运动员在15-17组别中表现出色,并打破了两项地区纪录,分别是100米自由泳和200米混合泳.  

Canadian University ChampionshipsRaphaëlle, who is interested in law, psychology and administration, 她计划在大学继续学业,同时在加拿大大学锦标赛上获得一枚奖牌.

Premier Tech athletes
Elliot Berube getting out of the water

Elliot Bérubé, triathlete

这位riviires -du- loup地区的运动员在11岁时与父亲和朋友们一起参加了铁人三项运动. 但直到2019年,他才开始更认真地关注这一学科, which allows him to combine his passion for sport and the outdoors. 

I am extremely proud of my region, Rivière-du-Loup. 因此,Premier Tech的支持对我来说意义重大,它让我对未来充满期待!

Passionate about sportsElliot has been active ever since he was young. Supported by his parents, who are also sports enthusiasts, 他喜欢各种各样的运动——从网球到越野滑雪和攀岩. In 2014, he took part in the Jeux du Québec in swimming. He repeats the same feat in 2016, adding a mountain bike competition.  

Dreaming of the professional athlete lifeTo no one’s surprise, 艾略特从八岁起就梦想着成为职业运动员. 他想环游世界,同时追求自己对体育的热爱和体育教学. He hopes to someday represent Canada at the Olympic Games. Part of the Université Laval Rouge et Or triathlon program, 他渴望在不久的将来在世界杯赛道上站稳脚跟,在这项耐力运动中与最好的选手竞争.

Mathys Lalonde, alpine skier

The athlete, who grew up in Saint-Simon, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, started skiing at the age of three with his father. 他在激流回旋和大回转中表现突出,这两个项目都是技术项目. 

Being part of the Premier Tech Team brings me such pride and confidence. 我很高兴能代表一家总部位于rivi -du- loup的公司,因为我在附近长大. I can’t wait to wear Premier Tech’s colours.” 

The Équipe Québec马蒂斯很小的时候就被他的父亲介绍到高山滑雪,他的父亲是他的第一位教练. 他明白,在13岁左右,滑雪将不仅仅是一种爱好, when he finished second in his first race on the provincial circuit. 他决心在Équipe qusamube获得一席之地,并在2019年实现了这一目标. He has been competing at the North American level since 2017. 

The student-athlete马蒂斯目前在蒙特卡马斯大学学习法律的同时,也在接受培训. In 2023, he wins the following awards: Male Rookie of the Year, Men’s All-Star Team and Rookie of the Year — male alpine skiing. 

Mathys Lalonde skiing